UCC is at the frontier of change and development, we a company focused on empowering and progression. We started the business to change lives and provide services at exceptional levels. We hold and we are recognized by the financial services sector and our current portfolio includes short term and long term insurance, investment strategies, financial planning and we work with reputable partners within the tracking market.

Our Aim
Our aim is to use innovation and challenge the norm, by providing our clients local and international with exceptional services that lead us into the frontier in our business category.
Our staff are regularly educated with legislation and financial law, were by we invest in their future careers; our aim is just not to employ staff but give them a future and a sustainable career.
Our aim with our partners is to ensure that we are recognized as a PARTNER with real value, our foresight is to be the partner who is at the front of the pack with excellence and performance.


Why us?

We have a dedicated team that focuses on quality and conversion, with our exceptional recruitment and back office we encourage performance at a profitable rate for our clients. We have a proven track record and have given our existing base outstanding performance and quality, which has strengthened our partnerships.

South Africa allows us to beat the cost of certain international markets, which allows our partners internationally to achieve results with an expenditure reduced.


At UCC we offer a very cost effective high quality service, where we believe we are an extension of your organization. Our aim is to represent your business with passion, commitment, and ambition to achieve your goals.

We will provided your business with a dedicated team of highly trained and qualified contact centre agents, skill set specific to your campaign requirements. All of our employees are trained and guided by our very experienced management team who have vast and intense years of experience within the outsource industry.


Our commitment is to ensure the growth of your business, providing each campaign with the following resources:

  • Recruitment and Training

  • Team Leader Management

  • Campaign Manager

  • Quality Assurance Manager

  • Account Management

  • IT support

  • Contact strategy

  • Client requested MI reporting

  • We would like to be an extension of your organization offering our services aiming to increase your client base.